Friday, October 17, 2014

Jay P. Fosgitt - Bodie Troll

2014.10.11 New York Comic Con, NYC

I became aware of Bodie Troll through the Ellie On Planet X website, and then introduced as the backup story in the Red 5 Atomic Robo FCBD comic...

I had obtained a pictorial event cancel commemorating the 150th anniversary of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, Troll Capital of the World! Rich in Norwegian history Mount Horeb holds an annual Troll Festival, where trolls can be found all over town...

Jay P Fosgitt is Bodie Troll's creator, and was nominated for the Shel Dorf Award in 2013 for the Kid's Comic of the Year, for Bodie Troll.

Bodie Troll is an all-ages comic set in the mythic village of Hagadorn. While Bodie wants to big and scary like the other trolls, he is fact cute and cuddly...

On Fosgitt's dark side is the web-comic Dead Duck, a minion of Death and his sidekick is a zombie named Zombie Chick. Yes she is a cute chicken. There mission is to collect the dead for their master Death. I wish there was more of this, although I wonder why I enjoy comics about death and ducks?

Fosgitt's other works include Old McMonsters Haunted Farm and Necronomicomics in Rue Morgue Magazine. Contributed to Boom's Adventure Time, sketch cards for Star Wars Galaxy 5 from Topps, Archie, Sabrina and hack/Slash for 5finity..

Fosgitt is also involved with Team Cul De Sac: Cartoonists draw the line at Parkinson's. Proceeds from this book go towards finding a cure for Parkinson's Disease...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Howard Bender - The Hulk

2014.07.20 Jersey Shore Comic Con, Toms River, NJ

I had picked up the 1966 World Cup cover from Great Britain and was looking for a unique way to obtain a sketch. The morning of the show I had come across a Nike commercial "Winner Stays", in which several youths arrive on a pitch to play football. One group challenges the other to a game. As the game begins one boy calls out that he is Ronaldo and turns into Ronaldo. The other counters he is Neymar and turns into Neymar. This continues throughout the game as the boys yell out various players names. One boy calls out that he is the Brazilian forward known as Hulk. Instead of Hulk the footballer, he transforms into the Incredible Hulk. Another boy tells him he can not be the Hulk, so he transforms into American goalkeeper Tim Howard. Nike has always produced some excellent commercials, but this has to be one of the best commercials Nike has ever produced!

Knowing that Bender had worked for Marvel, I thought he would be perfect for the transformation of turning the Incredible Hulk into a footballer...

Friday, October 3, 2014

Alex Rivera - The Mummy

2014.08.23 Garden State Comic Fest, Morristown, NJ

Alex Rivera - Playful Gorilla was sitting with Mickey Fiedler when we were discussing his contribution to my collection. Mickey was very enthusiastic when he said "You have to get a sketch from Alex!" and I could not agree more...

Rivera is an animation artist with a great style...I like the mummified haircut! His interests include production of limited edition art toys. Playful gorilla is dedicated to upholding artistic freedom, the pursuit of unbridled creativity and remembering a time before it was all about money...

Friday, September 26, 2014

Chris Batista - Hawkman

2014.08.23 Garden State Comic Fest, Morristown, NJ

Chris Batista has worked on several titles for DC Comics, including Steel, Booster Gold, Robin, The Legion, JLA, Black Lightning, Deathstroke, Extreme Justice, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Teen Titans, Doomsday

Marvel Comics titles - Spider-Man 2099, Thunderbolts, ROM Spaceknights, X-Men, X-Factor, GI Joe, Dr. Strange

Crusade Comics titles - Shi: The Illustrated Warrior (with Billy Tucci)

Dark Angel Productions - BlackJack: Blood and Honor (with Alex Simmons)

Valiant Comics - Turok: Tales of the Lost Land, Magnus Robot Fighter

Harris Comics - Vengeance of Vampirella

Friday, September 19, 2014

Michelle Sciuto - Groot

2014.08.23 Garden State Comic Fest, Morristown, NJ

The show although very good had one drawback. A small room off to the side where several talented writers and artists were trying to sell their product. I found the room by accident when I saw the small sign. Venturing in in started looking around. On Michelle Sciuto's table was this great sketch of Groot dancing...

Without hesitation I produced a Liberty Tree first day cover and requested my sketch. The Liberty Tree was an elm tree located in Boston Commons, Boston, Ma. Prior to the American Revolution, colonists used the tree as a rallying point for their resistance to British Rule. British soldiers chopped down the tree in 1775...

Michelle Sciuto is an aspiring illustrator with a BFA from Montclair University.Although working freelance, she has produced work for Channel M Publishing, Airship 27 Productions, Angry Gnome Comics and Project Roundup....

Friday, September 12, 2014

Ethan Van Sciver - Flash

2014.08.23 Garden State Comic Fest, Morristown, NJ

Van Sciver entered the comics industry with his own creation "Cyberfrog" (Hall of Heroes and Harris Comics) at age 19. He would go on to work for DC titles Impluse, The Flash: Rebirth, Green Lantern, Superman/Batman, Hawkman, JLA Secret Files and others...

For Marvel comics he has worked on Weapon X, Wolverine and the New X-Men...

Friday, September 5, 2014

Hon-Bun Leung - TMNT

2014.08.23 Garden State Comic Fest, Morristown, NJ

When I first researched Leung prior to the show, I was taken by a drawing he did of the Mutant Ninja Turtles. The print featured the four current Turtles, but Leung was reluctant to draw them and offered the original design as his preference. I totally agreed that the original Turtles were the best..

When I went back to pick up my cover I noticed a print by Leung that was great and didn't even realize his shirt had the same design -  Hello Kitty as Buzz Lightyear.. It was awesome. Next time I see Leung I know what I have to request...

The Turtles were created by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman in 1984 through their Mirage Studios before making a big splash in cartoons and movies, as well as giving life to many copy-cat titles...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Erin Humiston - Band

2014.04.12 Asbury Park Comic Con, Asbury Park, NJ

Erin Humiston is currently working on a mature audience comic titled Band, on Run the Risk comics, written by Christine Humiston. After losing a key member of their band the remaining members try to continue...

Humiston's career however is based in animation, working for Humouring the Fates, Genesis Orlando, 3DH Entertainment, ToonWerks and Premise Entertainment serving in several roles including animator, storyboard artist, inbetweener, video editor, character designer, concept artist, background design, layout artist and more....

Friday, August 22, 2014

Rusty Gilligan - Mac and Trouble

2014.07.20 Jersey Shore Comic Con, Toms River, NJ
"Only for cheese"

I had passed Rusty Gilligan's table at several shows. I would stop and look and then move to another table. In the back of my mind I kept thinking I need to get a sketch, but I didn't have the right envelope.

On May 5, the USPS released a set of stamps commemorating vintage circus posters. I had several of the stamps serviced for first day covers. When the above circus stamp with the tiger arrived I thought of Mac and Trouble. With luck Rusty would be at the next show I was attending and I would have my opportunity. When I approached Rusty with the idea of Mac and Trouble doing a circus routine, he readily agreed...

Mac and Trouble are based on Rusty's real life pets. The story of two average house cats who fall through a wormhole in their litter box and land in the middle of the Nexus of realities. Accident or destiny? The evil Professor Wormhole holds the answer... 

Posted on Rusty Ink! - Mac and Trouble will appear in The War of the Independents, Red Anvil Comics by Dave Ryan. This is one comic I always look forward to the next issue...

Rusty has worked on many titles in the comic industry, including storyboard artist for Captain America: The First Avenger, The Walking Dead, Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 and Heavy Metal...

Credited as starting the sketch card while working for "Clubhouse Diamonds" in 1992/1993 Rusty has also worked on cards for Star Wars, The Avengers, Marvel Beginnings and Star Trek and Recollection Magazine sketch covers (with Jim Taylor)..

On the website Sketch Card Fanatics Talk - Rusty made some great comments on his lack of formal art training "I'm so slow that I basically hold pencil and the Earth's rotation slowly moves the paper underneath it!"

On IMDB Rusty has credits as a professional wrestler and child actor...

Friday, August 15, 2014

Chris Faccone - Goamla "Savage Conquest"

2013.03.30 Asbury Park Comic Con, Asbury Park, NJ
Goamla "I Want Your for Savage Conquest!"

Chris Faccone's style of art is influenced from a mixture of Bruce Timm, Jack Kirby, Dan DeCarlo and Frank Frazetta. Faccone contributes to the card art for Zoloworld and H8 Club Designs' "Warlords and Warriors"

The Barbarian Brothers' Savage Conquest  is a barbarian themed comic book.There is some great art, figures and comic pages on the Savage Conquest website. You can definitely see the Kirby influence in many of the drawings. I also see elements of He-Man, Conan, Sonja and others that dwell in the world of barbarian mysticism...

Faccone has also been a professional and award winning tattoo artist...

Friday, August 8, 2014

Mina Sanwald - Harry Potter: Bellatrix Lestrange

2014.07.20 Jersey Shore Comic Con, Toms River, NJ

When I decided to attend this show and reviewed the artists in attendance, I knew immediately I wanted to have Mina draw Bellatrix Lestrange. Mina has done a sketch for me in the past, and I really enjoy her style and vibrant color palette. 

Since Mina is a big fan of Sailor Moon I thought of Bellatrix in a Sailor Moon anime treatment. I was not disappointed. This almost looks like a fashion design for Bellatrix, evil can still be beautiful on the outside.

Yes, even though Bellatrix is purely evil throughout the Harry Potter movies, her portrayal in the movies is fascinating, you can't take your eyes off her (beside that would not be wise).

Friday, August 1, 2014

Bob Petrecca - Star Lord

2014.07.20 Jersey Shore Comic Con, Toms River, NJ

Bob Petrecca started his career in 1990 at Marvel Comics as one of John Romita's Raiders. This eventually led to freelance inking and finishing work for Marvel, DC and Continuity Comics.
Petrecca has worked on titles that include Captain America, Thor, Doctor Strange, Hyperkind, MS. Mystic, Justice League of America, Green Lantern, Birds of Prey, Batman, Night wing, Scooby-Doo, Wonder Woman and many others...

When I approached Petrecca he was intrigued and started looking through my selection of covers. He stopped at the 1993 space fantasy first day cover and offered to draw one of the Guardians of the Galaxy. I had no idea what I was going to get. When I saw the finished product I was amazed...

Star Lord, leader of the space-based Guardians, created by Steve Englehart and Steve Gans in 1976, with his first appearance in Marvel Premiere #4.